Dirk Dominick was fortunate to have parents who loved to travel to Europe... a lot. By the time he was 7 the globetrotting hook was already firmly set.

After graduating from college with degrees in European History and German Language Dirk started his own company, which he ran successfully for fifteen years. In 2000 he purchased an apartment in a tiny village in the south of France, about forty five minutes northwest of Nice, and immediately set his sights on learning everything he could about the area.

Le Stuff, his blog about the South of France, has been featured in numerous newspaper and Internet publications and garners readers from around the globe. He is surely the world's only expert on locations used in Alfred Hitchcock's film To Catch A Thief starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, and he is, in fact, BFF with Brigitte Auber, the French actress who co-starred in the classic film. His ebook "Following In Hitchcock's Footsteps: The Definitive Location Guide To The Classic Film To Catch A Thief" is available on Amazon.

In 2010 Dirk consulted (in France) for a German N-TV film crew and in 2011 he was featured in a BBC Radio 4 production titled "The Search For Villa Noel" about the quest to find author David Dodge's villa in Juan Les Pins, France.

His desire to share his love of the food, wine, culture, and roads of the south of France lead to the formation of Riviera Driving Tours in 2011.

"I wanted to design a tour that I would love to take. Something that would give guests as much, or as little, independence as they wanted, while still providing maximum support, guidance, and excitement. I don't ever want to take a trip on a tour bus, so why would I design a trip like that?"

And Dirk's vehicle of choice?

"The Mini Cooper Cabriolet is the perfect car for zipping around the south of France. It's quick, nimble, and fun -  ideal for cruising along the Promende des Anglais in Nice, tackling the numerous switchbacks in the riviera back country, or maneuvering through the bustling streets of Monaco."

Ask Dirk what he enjoys most in life and his answer will invariably be to share exquisite food, wine, and his favorite locale in the world with good friends.

Riviera Driving Tours is just that.